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Be it local, national, worldwide politics, we, at GLOBALWAVEnews, cover every realm. Unlike others, we do not post any kind of biased news. We strive to collect the latest political topics and form an informative news report on it. We do not promote any yellow journalism for catching the attention of the readers. So, you can trust us to your fullest.


For keeping you updated with the latest technical information, our team accumulates all the technology-based news across the world and brings it before you. Starting from the launch of a new electronic gadget to new inventions, you can expect to be aware of all the technical happenings around the world with us.


If you take curiosity in sports, we have offerings for you as well. Every day, you can look forward to learning the latest news reports in the world of sports. Be it cricket, football, hockey, basketball, we publish news of all fields. You can also read the lifestyle of your favorite athletes on our news portal.  


GLOBALWAVEnews promises to provide you all the hot celebrity gossips from Holywood, Bollywood, and the regional film industry. Moreover, we also give you updates on the forthcoming web series, reality shows, and movies. Our writers also present you with interview articles of the glamour world stars.

 Business and economy

With GLOBALWAVEnews, you can be aware of the latest business and financial news pieces. We post news on the stock market and exchange rates on a regular basis. Not only this, but we also offer you the latest banking updates as well. 


Physical and mental wellbeing is the topmost aspect to be concerned about. Keeping this in mind, we come up with the newest news reports on trending health-related topics such as new treatments, medications, emerging research, and whatnot! Thus, to widen your outlook, and enrich your mind with the knowledge of the current situations that are taking place around the world, keep your eye on our website.